Road To Life Documentary

Road To Life

Two families with young children must grapple with their family’s history of incarceration. Statistics say their kids are destined to walk the same path as their incarcerated relatives but these parents are determined to see a different outcome.
Set in Muskegon, Michigan, “Road to Life” is a documentary examining one of the underexplored outcomes of mass incarceration: intergenerational incarceration. 70% of kids with incarcerated parents will become incarcerated themselves. Without intervention, the cycle will continue. In a sobering, yet inspiring film, we take a hard look at this timely issue, learn about how our community is impacted by it, and cast a hopeful glance to the future.

Meet the Team

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The producers of this film are Muskegon, MI natives. They are driven by a commitment to use filmmaking as a vehicle to deepen public understanding about social issues in today’s America. They are in a unique position to amplify underrepresented stories of the people who live in Muskegon, a city which can be considered a microcosm of the US. Additionally, they are driven by their proximity to the topic and have the history, research background, shared cultural knowledge, and many community ties that allow for a deep and genuine access to the story and main characters.

More About This Project

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How Your Support Helps

Your financial support enables us to: (1) obtain production insurance and rent the necessary filming equipment to capture this important story, (2) pay, house, and feed the crew, (3) obtain necessary items in accordance with the project’s COVID protocols (i.e. mask, sanitizers, tests, etc), (4) edit the film, (5) secure legal counsel, (6) host facilitated talkback sessions to gather community feedback before finalizing the film, (7) engage an impact producer who can extend the reach of “Road to Life”, (8) produce a special premiere event in Muskegon, and (9) bring our project and core team to film festivals.

Behind The Scenes
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