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Financial Literacy Education

EWP offers financial education to every client, featuring The Allstate Foundation’s domestic violence program (formerly Purple Purse) program. Since 2005, The Allstate Foundation has been committed to ending domestic violence through financial empowerment. Participants in EWP Financial Literacy Education program are eligible for our Matched Savings Program.

EWP Matched Savings Program

Financial independence is a key component of a survivor’s journey to a life free from violence. To that end, in 2020,  EWP created our Matched Savings Program (MSP), offering both asset-matching and debt-reduction components. Asset-matching up to $500 helps survivors:

      • acquire a home or apartment
      • invest in adult education, post-secondary education, vocational training or recertification, including books and equipment
      • purchase a  first client vehicle if for work or school

Debt-reduction matching up to $150 can help survivors offset the costs of:

      • housing debt
      • transportation-related expenses
      • outstanding or unpaid medical or dental expenses
      • outstanding unpaid utility bill(s)
      • other approved debt repair (student loan, credit card collections)


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