You are not the darkness you endured. You are the light that refused to surrender.

John Mark Green

Mission and Vision

Every Woman’s Place (EWP) is a dual service agency providing comprehensive services to all individuals impacted by domestic violence, sexual assault, sex trafficking and stalking in Muskegon County, Michigan.

EWP is here for all victims/survivors, without exception.  We are here with both residential and non-residential services tailored to meet your needs and to forge a path with you that extends from victimization through to restoration.  Our staff come with compassion, professionalism and training that make your experience with EWP one of healing, of empowerment and of self-determination.  We are here, for you.

Mission Statement

The mission of Every Woman’s Place is to strengthen lives in the community by providing shelter, counseling, and advocacy for those affected by domestic violence, sexual assault and sex trafficking.

Vision Statement

Every Woman’s Place has been a place of hope, safety and healing for over 45 years. Every Woman’s Place will continue to offer comprehensive and culturally sensitive residential and non-residential services.

EWP will be an agency that offers a safe, welcoming, modernized location for staff and clients while becoming an employer of choice.  Staff are valued and appreciated which encourages staff satisfaction and morale.  The organization is aware of the high level of stress and burnout and addresses these proactively.

EWP will be recognized in the community by its strong mission, vision, and ability to quantify service outcomes. The agency has strong relationships with community leaders, funders, community-based organizations and stakeholders. EWP has a diverse funding structure, providing stability to serve the community.

Exceptional Advocacy

EWP elevates and recognizes annually a community member of any age, gender, or affiliation, who has contributed substantially to the the cause of advocacy for victims and survivors of domestic or sexual violence.

EXCEPTIONAL ADVOCACY manifests in any–and often, in more than one–of these ways:

  • holding steadfast belief in the truth of survivors’ stories of abuse
  • actively countering victim-blaming with education and outreach
  • protecting victims’ and survivors’ rights and dignity
  • ensuring the safety and security of victims and their children
  • engaging in the medical, legal, judicial, and social arenas on behalf of victims and survivors
  • guiding survivors’ healing journey toward empowerment
  • responding to crisis situations with empathy and survivor-centered care


Award Recipients


We are now accepting nominations through May 31 to honor a member of our community, and will present the award at our July Strengthen Event. Nominate an individual today who has contributed substantially to the cause of advocacy for survivors.

2020 Caitlin Renner (they/them)

2019 Jenny McNeill (she/her)

Our 45th Anniversary

On July 23, 2020, EWP celebrated survivors with a virtual event with the theme ‘Strengthen’. We highlighted not only the impact of EWP in the community, but also put the focus on the survivors that EWP has served for the last 45 years. Our services are critical to healing the trauma of domestic and sexual violence and strengthening  individual survivors, their families, and this community as a whole. 

The event featured a panel discussion among community leaders, an online auction, and a celebration video with survivor success stories, and an extended interview with Ms. Beverly Geyer, EWP’s first Executive Director. Ms. Geyer shares stories of the very beginnings of the agency, as well as the challenges and changes she’s seen over 45 years.  

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