2020 Impact Report

Still Changing Lives After 45 Years

Our doors are open and our crisis line is always on. When the emergency has passed, we are still here to help domestic and sexual violence survivors recover, reconnect to our community, and take back their lives.

Please give a gift today, not only to the cultural initiatives that call you, or to that mega-organization, or to the candidate you support, but to make an impact here in homes and workplaces in our community. Make that gift a recurring gift to impact lives today and tomorrow.

EWP is challenging our supporters to commit to a recurring pledge of $20 a month to change a life after trauma. When you do, you become a member of our recurring giving club, ‘The 500’ , and join a growing count of others as the next stewards of EWP. What does ‘The 500’ stand for? It’s the number of new supporters we need to help strengthen the future for survivors, staff, and this community.

Turn the pages of the Impact Report by hovering over the bottom of the report with your mouse; then use the arrows at the bottom left of each page. Reduce or magnify the view by clicking the “-” or “+” buttons. Download the Impact Report here to read offline.


Download PDF Impact Report

Download PDF Program Data

Download PDF Financial Data

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